WORC-AM TimeLine

SteveOrdinetz hykker@grolen.com
Thu Jan 27 07:53:56 EST 2005

  Eli Polonsky wrote:

>Interesting, but it doesn't quite go to it's current status.
>1310 WORC flipped to Spanish a few months ago.
>It mentions an AM station in Gloucester that they long ago
>shared time with, and then consolidated with. What happened
>eventually to the Gloucester AM allocation?

There do seem to be a number of gaps in the timeline.  It also doesn't 
mention when the station returned to 1310 and/or increased power beyond 
500W...it would seem to be around the mid 50s, but it's unclear.

>And, how many stations/DJ's who played rock'n'roll in the
>early 60's were "the first in America to play The Beatles"

Ditto for "the first station in the northeast to play rock & roll" and the 
"most influential rock & roll station in America".  My guess is that any 
number of early rock pioneers could make these claims.

Is this an "official" WORC site or is it a fan site?  This appears to be 
the only page.

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