Is The Sun Up To Its Old Tricks?

Laurence Glavin
Sat Jan 22 15:33:37 EST 2005

For the past few mornings, WXKS-AM's signal has been receivable 
on route 93 well north of Medford, and I do believe that they
adhere to technical requirements because you can set your watch
by their pattern changes.   And then yesterday (01/21), it seemed
as though it was coming in fairly well after 4:30 pm, as was WEIM-AM's
1K signal.  I began to think that skywave was being suppressed 
somewhat again, although not to the extent it was late last year.
Then on MSNBC, there was a brief item about solar activity 
affecting the Earth, and yes, the sun has hiccupped again.
More info is available at:

It may be good night to check nighttime signals on AM  that are hard
to pick up otherwise.

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