Michael Powell to resign?

Jeremy Mixer mixer@zoso.net
Sat Jan 22 03:51:48 EST 2005

You are correct there, I am not arguing with that.

What I do not approve of is an FCC chairman who tries to push to lighten 
up ownership rules even more than they are now. THIS is where I had a 

I will also say that it certainly SEEMED that the FCC was being a lot more 
picky about the regulations....I forget the name of the movie as it is 
late- but how many ABC stations were too scared to broacast the movie that 
has been shown on ABC several times before? The FCC is there to maintain 
rules of broadcasting, not to scare everyone.


On Fri, 21 Jan 2005, Daniel Billings wrote:

> Isn't it the FCC's job to enforce the laws as passed by Congress?  Didn't 
> Congress vote to liberalize the ownership limits?  Aren't their laws passed 
> by Congress that call for the FCC to regulate indecency in broadcasting? What 
> has Powell done that is inconsistent with these laws?
> By the way -- I favor eliminating all government oversight of broadcast 
> content but do not blame Powell for enforcing the laws which the FCC is 
> tasked to enforce.
> -- Dan Billings, Bowdoinham, Maine 

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