Michael Powell to resign?

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> You have to admit that the airwaves have been a mess for a year
> ...personally, I think the networks and the franchises set Powell up for a
> fall....they pushed the conservative envelope until the "public" began to
> notice...."bleeps", "selective censorship", and talk show ridicule
> (Letterman, Leno, Stern et all)...

All that is the fault of the networks, not the FCC.

The indecency cases that have been filed by the FCC have not been ones in 
the grey area.  Did anyone think they would get away with saying the f-word 
on an awards show or showing a breast during half-time at the Super Bowl? 
Stuff like that would have always resulted in FCC action.  Most of the stuff 
that has caused Stern to be fined was also pretty clear cut.  And the fines 
against Stern go back to Clinton's FCC. 

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