Michael Powell to resign?

Roger Kolakowski rogerkola@aol.com
Fri Jan 21 20:27:07 EST 2005

He never set specific standards (i.e.; the seven banned words) and basically
stated that " I don't know if it's obscene until I hear it" ....that's why
"Private Ryan" and many other bleeped out network offerings exemplify the
LACK OF Leadership Powell has exhibited during his tenure...

One policy he seemed to endorse was: Interference should be no reason to
limit new technology. Example: Second channel adjacent hash allowed on IBOC
during DA just limits the opportunity for other local stations to operate.
WBZ and WMKI use FIVE channels during daylight hours!

BPL has not met the technical test for non-interference or non-radiation,
but HAS BEEN APPROVED past the testing phase.

The guy is a politician, not acquainted with RF requirements, capabilities
or local needs.

Good riddence, get us a communications/RF guy in there!

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> Isn't it the FCC's job to enforce the laws as passed by Congress?  Didn't
> Congress vote to liberalize the ownership limits?  Aren't their laws
> by Congress that call for the FCC to regulate indecency in broadcasting?
> What has Powell done that is inconsistent with these laws?
> By the way -- I favor eliminating all government oversight of broadcast
> content but do not blame Powell for enforcing the laws which the FCC is
> tasked to enforce.
> -- Dan Billings, Bowdoinham, Maine

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