NHPTV "Underwriting" Message (Or Commercial?)

Dan Strassberg dan.strassberg@att.net
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As far as I can tell, WGBH stopped carrying W$WwF effective 1/7/2005. NOW
(without Bill Moyers but with David Brancaccio) still begins at 8:00, but
now runs only 1/2 hour. Washington Week runs from 8:30 to 9:00 PM. Tucker
Carlson is on from 9:00 to 9:30 PM. Beat the Press reruns are on from 9:30
to 10:00 PM. Since I watch Beat the Press from 7:00 to 7:30 PM (before the
Yelling Program with Eleanor Clift--the only one of those turkeys who has
anything worthwhile to say), and I think Carlson is a waste of time, I now
turn the TV off at 9:00 PM. If W$WwF is on after that, I have not seen any
promos for it and I certainly haven't seen it for two weeks.

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> A few weeks ago, I received a phone call while watching "Wall $treet
> Week w. Fortune" on a Friday night on channel 2 in Boston.  No
> problemo, I'll just catch the rerun on NH Public Television, channel
> 11 and view just the portion I missed.  But then I noticed a funny
> thing: the "underwriting" message before the show for Northeast
> Credit Union seemed awfully long and detailed for a public broadcasting
> show.  So today (09/16) I taped the intro to "W$W w F" and then
> copied down the text of what the channel  11 announcer said.
> First of all, the message was slightlly longer than 20 seconds
> total, and contained three visuals, while the following message
> was aired:
> "Let Northeast be your financial superhero, bringing you not only
> the traditional services of a financial institution, but
> products like OUR quick-close home equity and GenGold checking.
> Chances are you're eligible to be a member of Northeast.
> Information is available at 1-888-436-1847."  (End of message;
> I capitalized the word 'our'.)
> This seemed rather lengthy and detailed for an underwriting
> message, and the visuals (in slide format rather than
> moving video) included more advertsing-style info like
> the web address, and a youngster in a superhero outfit
> reinforcing the "superhero" slogan for the firm.
> The only thing it lacked was the guy from Empire
> Carpet saying "and you get a free gift!" followed
> by the Modernaires singing the phone number.  Wow...
> this seemed to me to have all the earmarks of a traditional
> commercial...from this description, do you think it
> crossed over the line?
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