Public Radio in the Sunday "funnies"

Mission Control
Sun Jan 16 14:45:58 EST 2005

Hi all... 

Well, first let me tell you that I'm currently in Naperville, IL with Mom, having just come back from Watervliet, MI where my younger brother (Steve) died last Friday (1/7) in an ATV accident. He had just turned 42 the week prior. I will not dwell on it here, yet I cannot adequately express the shock and devistation this has wrought on our family... my apologies for bringing it up here, but there a few on this list that know me, and should be aware of the situation I suppose... 

However, the *real* reason I'm dropping this note is that the program I work on - The World - made it on the pop-culture scene today (Sunday, 1.16) thanks to Darby Conley's "Get Fuzzy" comic strip: 

(if you read this on any day other than Sunday January 16, you might need to navigate a little to get to it) 

I've always enjoyed his work and it brought the first real no-strings-attached laugh out of me in a week... followed closely by the next three responses: 
1) geez, someone *does* listen to the show! 
2) holy crap! I've got to tell my co-workers! 
3) wait, do you think anyone outside the office will really get the punchline? 

Anyway, hope you're all doing well... 


oh yah, some other public radio program called ATC is mentioned in the strip... don't know if I've ever heard it though... heheh

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