Star 93.7 Contest

Sat Jan 15 17:36:26 EST 2005

Thursday Night, I heard a promo for a contest on Star 93.7
that will award the winner an Ultimate Makeover.  The rules 
have to be the most complex and onerous I've seen to date.

Entries include a "93 words or less" essay on why they want
this makeover plus 5 pictures showing specific aspects of 
their anatomy.  All semi-finalists must submit to multiple 
medical exams & tests - physical & psychological and sign 
affidavits absolving the Radio Station and Doctors (Sponsors) 
of allresponsibility.  

The morning show will call upon listeners to "rate the finalists"
Billed as "for entertainment only" and will not affect the outcome 
of the contest.  All entrants agree to their likeness and entry being "made fun of" with no recourse.

Actual procedures available may or may not be performed as 
doctors and station see fit.  Total surgery not to exceed

This sounds like a very expensive and risky ad campaign for
the doctors (sponsors), the station and the winner.


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