Sprint To Compete With XM & Sirius?

Bill O'Neill billo@shoreham.net
Fri Jan 14 18:01:05 EST 2005

SteveOrdinetz wrote:

> Call me a hopelessly out of touch old geezer, but I just don't "get" 
> the appeal of cellphone-as-electronic-Swiss-Army-knife.

Okay, your a hopeles... nevermind, you're in good company.  I don't get 
it, either. I've had a cell phone dating back to the day when the 
Motorola Flipfone was *the* cool phone. Analog, big, clunky, noisy, (but 
rarely dropped a call!) 

I've not seen anyone popping open a cold, refreshing ale with their 
phone just yet, but I'm on guard for it.  I could use the shaver feature 
and the dog hair remover option.  Put me down for a basketball 
inflater/shoe polisher/roaming floor polisher that doubles as a telephone.

Bill O'Neill
(Not old enough to battle ear hair)

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