What to do?

Roy Lawrence lawrencemedia@yahoo.com
Wed Jan 12 22:18:52 EST 2005

I only considered WXRV because of such a large Spanish
speaking population in their primary coverage zone. I
have been out of the loop on various station success
stories from way out here, but glad to see "The River"
doing well.

There is no doubt someone will make a fortune with
Spanish programming. Guess we wait and see who is
going to fold first.

Roy Lawrence
San Francisco, CA

--- Peter Murray <pete@partnercomm.com> wrote:

> The only reason I left 92.5 out of that listing is
> because it is less 
> 'foundering' than the other two. WXRV has been AAA
> for quite some time 
> now, and is pretty successful with its intended
> audience, while WROR and 
> WBOS seem a bit more 'becalmed' - that and as
> they're operated by a 
> larger operator (Greater Media), and are located
> more centrally in 
> market #9, they'd have a better chance at hitting
> more of the intended 
> demographic.
> Of course.. perhaps 101.7 would be a better choice,
> as it also covers 
> the Boston metro region far better than does WXRV
> (particularly on the 
> southern side)... but I (selfishly) wouldn't want to
> lose 'FNX!
> -Peter
> Peter Murray (N3IXY)
> Vienna, VA
> Roy Lawrence wrote:
> >[clipped]
> >To maintain topic with North East radio, blowing up
> >either of the two Greater Media signals that Peter
> >Murray mentioned would make sense. Another logical
> >choice would be 92.5 WXRV in Haverhill. 
> >
> >Just my .02cents!
> >
> >Roy Lawrence
> >San Francisco, CA
> >  
> >

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