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Roy Lawrence lawrencemedia@yahoo.com
Wed Jan 12 20:22:36 EST 2005

Spanish programming on FM is only around the corner
for major market radio where it isn't. Here in San
Francisco, Infinity blew up KKWV 93.3 "The Wave".
Music blending from artist such as Pink to Bob Marley.
Not sure what the common thread was between these
artists to appear on the same station playlist.
Appearently not too many others did either. After
temporarily simulcasting with sister station San Jose
based AC KBAY 94.5, they went Spanish. A month before
that, Clear Channel blew up a station doing Classic
Rock/AOR for 36 years in favor of an oldies based
mexican format just this past fall. 

To maintain topic with North East radio, blowing up
either of the two Greater Media signals that Peter
Murray mentioned would make sense. Another logical
choice would be 92.5 WXRV in Haverhill. 

Just my .02cents!

Roy Lawrence
San Francisco, CA

--- Peter Murray <pete@partnercomm.com> wrote:

> Anyone else thinking that Greater Media might do
> well to hook up with 
> SBS (or other skilled/experienced Spanish language
> programmer) and see 
> about flipping WROR or WBOS to Tropical or other
> Latin programming, as 
> Infinity just did today with 99.1 (WHFS, Annapolis)?
> I realize I only have access to the 12+ figures, but
> considering the 
> demographics...
> -Peter
> Peter Murray (N3IXY
> Vienna, VA

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