Allston Brighton Free Radio closing up shop

Bob Nelson
Wed Jan 12 12:09:11 EST 2005

Heard that due to a lack of money, Allston Brighton Free Radio is closing down...sad to see it go; I think for awhile ABFR streamcast on the Net but maybe it cost too much or there were rights issues, so it went back to the regular signal only.
I checked the website last night and it looked like nobody had touched it since August.

Of course there are pirates/unlicensed broadcasters who put out a more powerful signal, till Uncle Charlie catches them at least (just check out the expanded AM band, especially near or in Boston). When you do it legally (part 15 or whatever it's called) your range is very limited. LPFM? Of course, in a big city like Boston there aren't any spots on the dial available for that. Plenty for the boonies or even areas like Newport, RI (which has one at 105.9). The areas that could most use an LPFM signal don't really get any assigned.

Some LPFMs might be interesting and diverse the way ABFR was--there's
one up in the Lake Champlain Area, WMUD-LP, that seemed interesting and they're trying to put WOOL-LP on in Bellows Falls--and, as I mentioned, the jazzy stuff on 105.9 out of Newport RI. If someone could relaunch ABFR as an LPFM somewhere, who knows. But where, oh where? (And yes we are getting a few LPFMs around here but they're doing stuff like relaying religious stuff from far, far, away...)

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