radio-info and LTAR

Dan Strassberg
Sun Jan 9 13:47:50 EST 2005

I find that (note: NO www) works to get me to the
radio-info home page, but all of the site's own links are broken from that
point on. That is, if I click on Boards, I get a 404--Not Found page.
The internal links (at least the ones I tried to follow) have been changed
to specify .net instead of .com BUT the www has not been removed. Until that
problem has been corrected, navigating around the site is going to be
troublesome. Fortunately, after you click on a link, the supposed URL
appears in the browser's address field, so once you get the 404 page, you
can go up to the address field and delete the www. I know there is a way for
the people responsible for the site to make the necessary changes now and
not have to change everything back when the old URL once again gets you to
the home page, but I am not enough of a Web maven to know how that is
accomplished. Someone at radio-info had better know and had better implement
the fix before the site's many regulars give up hope.

Dan Strassberg,
eFax 707-215-6367

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Subject: radio-info and LTAR

> First, was told that due to a domain name mixup,  has been
"down" recently but can be reached at
> (you may try that and get nothing but clear your "cache" and hit refresh).
It may soon pop up again at
> (explanation of what went on is at main page).
> Also, there was a post suggesting that Let's Talk About Radio may not be
on this week, either (reg. monthly edition did not air last week, and may
not be on this week, either). I may still try to tape
> it "just in case". Wondering if bad weather has kept Bob Bittner
> from getting into Cambridge to tape it. We'll have to see if it's
> on or not... (10:30 am Sun as I type this)
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