Walmart and freedom of the press

Ron Bello
Fri Jan 7 23:59:43 EST 2005

> >
>As Sam Poulten used to say: I have a quizzical question...aren't many
>Wal-Marts in malls with other stores that (incredible as it sounds)
>sell stuff the the ubiquitous predatory retailer doesn't?  Does W*M
>actually OWN the land on which these boxes sit?  Thus if a fire
>or robbery happened at a carpet store next to W*M, then what?
>BTW their outlet in Methuen is a rare non-big-box operation;
>it took over the space vacated by Caldor and is surrounded by
>other stores and The Loop.

There is no one way of doing things in real estate.
Each and every location is a different deal.
Retailers that own more than 1 brand will frequently try to
locate as many as possible together to drive down the cost.
If they are renting, by negotiating a better deal or if they own,
the cost of construction will be less on a per square foot basis.

Why not in malls ?  Simple, the cost is many times a free standing
location.  How much more ?  4 times up to 50 times more per foot !

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