Bill O'Neill
Fri Jan 7 17:33:54 EST 2005

Laurence Glavin wrote:

>The Boston Herald suggested he may be stepping over certain
>formerly "bright" lines to set the stage for a Stern-
>Bob Edwards-like switch to satellite...but his occasionally
>frail health and age would probably make such a move unlikely.
I'd considered that possibility as early as December when he'd joke 
about working for Mel again and then laugh it off.  I figure it's just a 
way to rattle the pans on contract renewal with Viacom.  Imus does have 
respiratory problems, to say the least, and is still putting in a very 
busy day for a person of his age/health. 

The only way I could see Imus going to Sirius would be if there was a 
deal with CBS TV for the morning show or if MSNBC were to become the 
host studio and up the visibility as with NBC, ABC, Fox AM products.  
He's long complained about the dank basement studio at WFAN.  Imus and 
his group "travel well" and work well with a live audience.  I could 
envision something that could give them that exposure without the travel 
that would need to go with it. 

Another question it raises is when Imus does take the gold watch, what 
will come of his broadcast team? 

Bill O'Neill

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