Steve West
Thu Jan 6 20:46:03 EST 2005

This was reported on allaccess also.

Whatever happened to the days when radio folks didn't stray into the foray 
of foul language and disparaging comments?  Gone, along with 70s-style 
formatics and requirements for news and legal id's every 30 minutes, I 

This all does make me wish for the old days.  On the other hand, look at 
Imus.  He's considered a feeble, old guy, not even close to on par with 
Stern - yet 20 years ago Imus was king of NYC radio and Stern tried his best 
to outdo his morning show rival on WNBC.  Got himself fired in the process 
in '85.  I think Imus tries to get as close to the edge as he can to remain 
competitive.  IMHO, he probably doesn't even feel about Jews what his 
comments reflected.

Time was when the I-man made everyone a target.  In some ways he still does, 
but he just doesn't have it anymore.

>It is reported that Don Imus made some anti-semetic remarks on his show, 
>and refused to apologize.  Here's a link to the article: 
>My guess is he will not be fined over this unless he uses one of the "seven 
>dirty words".
>Larry Weil
>Lake Wobegone, NH

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