New calls for 700 Orange MA

Scott Fybush
Wed Jan 5 10:57:26 EST 2005

At 09:47 AM 1/5/2005, rogerkirk wrote:
>"Dan Strassberg" noted:
> >A good guess about the significance of WJOE is Jesus on Earth.
>It's quite possible that a "Cat Country" station wanted the
>calls and paid BIG BUCKS.

Already done. Remember that Citadel, after buying WCAT 700 and WCAT-FM 
99.9, did a call swap in 2002 (2003?) that moved the WCAT-FM calls to its 
"Cat Country 106.7" in Hershey PA, ex-WRKZ. 99.9 became WAHL (a call I 
don't have on tape!) and later WNYN under Silberberg's ownership.

The WCAT-FM calls subsequently moved from 106.7 Hershey to 102.3 Carlisle 
PA (which had also inherited the WRKZ calls when they moved off 106.7). 
102.3 isn't "Cat Country" but "Red Country," but no matter...Citadel holds 
the calls there.

And that may explain why they're now off 700: the rules say whoever had the 
base call *first* decides who else can use it on other services. But that 
goes by station (facility ID #) and not by ownership. So WCAT(AM), which 
had had those calls since changing back from the ill-advised WPNS in the 
early eighties, could control the disposition of the WCAT-FM calls if 
Citadel ever decided to move them from Carlisle. I wonder if keeping 
control of the calls mightn't even have been in the sale contract for 
WCAT/WAHL to Silberberg?

One other note - a couple of Corus' Canadian stations (96.3 CFMK Kingston 
ON, in particular) have indeed become "Joe FM," a knockoff of "Jack."!

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