Doug Stephan Expands His Empire

Dan Strassberg
Mon Jan 3 18:43:27 EST 2005

When WBIX is on night pattern, it is completely inaudible on Route 62 in
Acton and W Concord, right in WBNW's back yard. When WBIX changes patterns
and power at sunrise, it becomes clearly audible in that area, however.
Since WBNW is listenable ONLY in that area on the rare nights when it
switches to night pattern, you could certainly say that there is good reason
for both stations to carry Stephan's program. BTW, WBIX noiw carries Barry
Armstrong's financial talk show from 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM. WBIX now carries a
total of 6 hours/day (M-F) of personal-finance talk--not as much as when it
called itself a business station but more than any other station in the
market other than WBNW and WPLM, which mostly simulcasts WBNW. Armstrong, of
course, owns WBNW.

BTW, in the mid to late 1940s, the ABC affiliate for Boston was WCOP 1150
but for a time, WLAW 680 Lawrence was also affiliated with ABC. WLAW covered
every square inch of WCOP's coverage area with a better signal than WCOP's.
So there have been several examples of stations in this market with
overlapping coverage carrying the same programs.

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> You may not have been aware that the reconstituted WBIX-AM
> was counting on Stan Major to reverse its fortunes!  Well, Stan
> the morning man for Alex Langer's radio network just up and
> retired.  So today (01/03/05) WBIX began airing Doug Stephan's
> morning show.  Nothing unusual about this, but it ALSO airs
> on "honest" business outlet WBNW-AM 1120, Concud, Mass.  The two
> stations have a considerable amount of overlap, so the weakling
> (WBNW) may have to drop the show...although WCAP in Lowell
> still carries the illustrious Michael Savage show entirely
> within WRKO's contour, so who knows?
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