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Sid Schweiger sid@wrko.com
Tue Feb 22 08:35:28 EST 2005

>>> Looks like student run radio at UMass Lowell may be on the way
> out--unless the students fight back. Is this the start of a trend?
I don't know, but I can't imagine that happening at UMass Amherst
without a big fight from the students.  And plenty of alumni as well.<<

Don't be too sure of that.  From my observations of college-age
students at Framingham State, where I am every week, they don't use
radio like students used to.  They get their music in other media, most
notably MP3 players like the iPod or portable CD players.  They're the
first generation of young people who have grown up with CD and DVD
burners on their PC's, so they don't need to listen to someone else's
mix of music.  They make their own.

It used to be that students lined up for shifts at WDJM.  Not anymore. 
Radio is irrelevant to most of them...a trend which is going to hit
commercial radio in the butt if they don't do something in a hurry to
make themselves relevant and listenable again.

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