Persky's absence from WBLM makes the news

Daniel Billings
Thu Feb 17 18:37:13 EST 2005

Two weeks after I raised the issue here, the local daily newspaper* finally 
noticed that Mark Persky is missing from the WBLM Morning show.  The story 
is that he is on leave and nobody will say why.  Persky's lawyer says he 
wants to come back and Persky's on-air partner says he would like him to 
come back.  Management says that they can't comment out of respect to Mark's 
privacy.  The story also says that Celeste was moved permently to the 
morning show at about the time that Persky left the show, but it did not say 
whether the two events were related.  The story raises more questions than 
it answers.

Celeste is a good addition to the show IMHO, with or without Persky.

-- Dan Billings, Bowdoinham, Maine

* Went I was the producer for the morning talk show on WGAN in the early 
1990's, the Press Herald would often mention something that happened on the 
show without mentioning the station's call letters.  They would usually say 
"on a local morning talk show" or "on a local talk station."  As a result, 
show co-host Jim Crocker decided we should never mention the name of the 
newspaper on the air.  We just called it "the local daily newspaper" and 
that was sometimes shortened to the LDN.

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