Syndie talkers you'd like to hear in Boston

Dan Strassberg
Tue Feb 15 16:20:10 EST 2005

Stephan has been on WBIX almost from the day Langer started running the
station again. I think the current hours on 1060 are 4:00 AM to 8:00 AM.
Stephan had been on till 9:00 AM until a week or so ago when Stu Taylor, who
had been buying weekend time for a financial talk show (the disclaimor says
that guests pay to appear on the program), apparently decided that enough
other CEO's of publicly traded microcap companies would pay him to tout
their stock that he could make a go of an additional five hours a week.
Between Taylor, Barry Armstrong, Clark Howard, and Jim Cramer, WBIX is
carrying six hours a day of financial talk M-F and more on weekends. I think
that brokered financial talk is a terrible substitute for the real product
that WBIX used to provide until its world imploded, but I think the fact
that these programs are running at all demonstrates that the format CAN work
in Boston. It's a delicate balancing act. To make the format pay, much of
the programming has to be brokered. But the brokered programming is
basically infomercials to which nobody wants to listen. I guess the secret
is to find programming that is available for barter and can be placed
between the infomercials. That's the format that CCU has apparently been
doing successfully for the last four years or so at WHNZ in Tampa. If
largely brokered financial talk can work in Tampa, it ought to work in

BTW, I vote for Hendrie. I'm not sure whether his schtick wears well, but
it's a hoot if you listen only occasionally.

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> Which of these syndie talkers would you like to hear in Boston? (to the
best of my knowledge they aren't heard here)
> Glenn Beck (conservative--on up in NH I think)
> Tammy Bruce ("an openly gay, pro-choice, gun owning, pro-death penalty,
voted-for-President Reagan progressive feminist"--from bio on her site)
> Phil Hendrie (comedy-talk, in the sense of he does several voices in
spoofing talk shows)
> Jim Bohannon
> Neal Boortz (is he on WTTT? don't think so)
> Gene Burns (yes, I know he's not syndicated but...wishful thinking!)
> Alan Colmes Fox News Live ("Red White and liberal")
> Rusty Humphries
> Rollye James (formerly an occasional host on "Coast to Coast"--does a good
trivia show on Fridays)
> Lars Larson
> G.Gordon Liddy
> Mancow Muller (soon to be syndie)
> Michael Reagan
> Tony Snow
> Doug Stephan (morning drive, used to be based here)
> Probably a few I didn't think of (especially in the liberal sense, though
most of the major lib talkers are indeed on at WKOXKS)...
> I would want to hear Hendrie (funny!), James (for the trivia at least),
> Tammy Bruce (good filling in for the Ingraham-mer last night), Colmes
> (too leftist for the conservatives, too centrist for the liberals?),
> and Burns if someone would syndicate him.
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