CC Poughkeepsie - Asleep at the switch

Matthew Osborne
Mon Feb 14 11:37:58 EST 2005

This morning I was listening to the new format (Lite
FM AC), which is now in place on WFKP (99.3 FM)
Ellenville NY (see this week's NERW).  Apparently
someone at Clear Channel Poughkeepsie is/was asleep at
the switch though - right in the middle of a
commercial break what do I hear - a promo for the CJ's
Playhouse morning show on 96.1 and 99.3 Kiss FM (the
station's old format), followed immediately by a
voicetracked liner into the next Lite music hour on
the new 99.3 Lite FM.  Of course, I guess I really
shouldn't be surprised - this is the same comnpany
that STILL (as of 2 weeks ago) has a billboard up in
Rosendale NY promoting the defunct for almost 2 years
now 92.9 Rock (former WRKW Saugerties, now playing
oldies as WBPM).  Wonder if someone over there is ever
gonna get a clue and keep their things updated
properly?  And to think - this market is only 70-80
miles north of NYC

                                 Matt Osborne
                                 Poughkeepsie, NY

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