Wall Street Week/Fortune

Joseph Pappalardo joepappalardo2001@yahoo.com
Sun Feb 13 13:08:59 EST 2005

> > Lastly, XM and Sirius can't give LOCAL...Is there an
> > alternative to WBZ on Satellite?  Is there a place where I
> > can hear Howie Carr rail against Beacon Hill, is there a
> > place I can hear music interspersed with info about First
> > Night, Local Concerts, Red Sox and Patriots victory parades?
> >  ....or the
> > snow that's falling outside?
> Trojan Horse #1 - Aside from schedule events, like Victory parades, local
> radio has been asleep at the switch.  Many is the weekend that a major
> event has happened, local or national, or a major weather event and the
> station is running on auto-pilot from a bird.

Typically not in a major market.

Again, can sattelite ever replace Howie Carr's rants about Beacon Hill
hacks?  Local concerts?  Snowstorms?  Boston Pops concerts? And WBZ's news?

And yes, local radio will have to adapt....as they always have.

> PuhLeeese - This sounds like the lie that I hear in my industry -
> Box Office sales hit a record year".  Yes, but ticket sales were down.
> figure was reached by raising the ticket prices.

And, people still buying the raised ticket prices.
(And agencies paying higher rates to reach local markets/audiences)

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