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Brian Vita brian_vita@cssinc.com
Sun Feb 13 10:40:25 EST 2005

> Lastly, XM and Sirius can't give LOCAL...Is there an 
> alternative to WBZ on Satellite?  Is there a place where I 
> can hear Howie Carr rail against Beacon Hill, is there a 
> place I can hear music interspersed with info about First
> Night, Local Concerts, Red Sox and Patriots victory parades?  
>  ....or the
> snow that's falling outside?

Trojan Horse #1 - Aside from schedule events, like Victory parades, local
radio has been asleep at the switch.  Many is the weekend that a major news
event has happened, local or national, or a major weather event and the
station is running on auto-pilot from a bird.  There are, of course,
exceptions but I'm talking the norm.

On the satellite side, both XM and Sirius offer CNN and Fox news feeds 24/7.
Likewise, XM has channel 247 which is their disaster channel and channel 210
which is Boston traffic and weather.
> Of all the audiophiles I know, only 1 person among my social, 
> family and professional circles has found the need or desire 
> to have it.

Make that two.  If you count in my family, make that 5.  First of all, an
audiophile is not someone who listens to any car stereo in any car for
hi-fi.  Secondly, a satellite channel doesn't try to be all things to
everyone.  If I'm in the mood for 60's oldies, I turn to channel 6 where
I'll here a deep library of 60 music.  Not a homogenized short playlist of
someone's complication of the "best of" the 60's.

By all counts, sales of the satellite radios has been phenomenal for the
past months.  Wal-Mart has just started selling XM. More new cars have it as
a standard or optional feature.

> Well, with advertising revenues increasing beyond inflation 
> and COL in major markets, right now it doesn't support you're 
> speculation and enthusiasm.
PuhLeeese - This sounds like the lie that I hear in my industry - "Hollywood
Box Office sales hit a record year".  Yes, but ticket sales were down.  The
figure was reached by raising the ticket prices.

In summary, will satellite replace FM?  Probably not.  I see FM being as
where AM was in 1969.  Satellite will become the new FM and FM will end up
where AM is now.  Where will AM be?  Data communications.

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