Mentioning the Competition's Call Letters???

A. Joseph Ross
Sat Feb 12 23:51:46 EST 2005

On 12 Feb 2005 at 13:31, Laurence Glavin wrote:

> > Today on WBZ the newsman referred to the President' Weekly Address
> > "as heard, right here on WEEI - I mean WBZ..."
> > 
> > Do they work for competing stations?
> I believe the newsman was Bill Lawrence; I heard it too.
> The first thought that passed through my mind when I heard it
> was that Bill was listening to WEEI as he drove into work.
> A couple of years ago, when Jordan Weinstein began doing the
> 6:00 am - 9:00 am announcing shift on WGBH-FM after being 
> jettisoned by Jane from WBUR, I heard him say "WBUR" at least
> once.  Occupational hazard?
This reminds me of a story I read shortly after Weld became governor.  It seems there was 
this one high-level official from the Dukakis administration (whose name escapes me) that 
Weld decided to keep on.  One day, while this guy was in the State House cafeteria, 
someone asked him, "How's the Governor?"  He replied, "I saw him last week.  He's enjoying 
teaching at Northeastern."

This, of course quickly got back to Weld, and fortunately for the hapless official, Weld had a 
sense of humor and had a good laugh over it.

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