Ships' bells

Robert F. Sutherland
Tue Feb 8 23:15:34 EST 2005

My memory is incomplete,    I recall WOCB 1240 West Yarmouth
having a distinctive TOH announcement, 1960's thru early 80's.
I believe it included ship's bells, but could have been a foghorn.
My ex recalls "was just the voice that announced the station", I disagree.
Each summer my ex-in-law's attended a convention in Dennisport,
and listened for that station ID as a "recognition of being on the Cape".

Does anybody else recall WOCB & remember what sound for sure?
(A.Joe Ross, did you go there too, previously?)

WOCB became WSOX about 1984, then WUOK thru 1996, then WBUR (really!)

and, thank you Jeff, for the mp3 links!

Bob / MadProf. 

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