Ships' bells on WPLM?

Scott Fybush
Tue Feb 8 12:28:22 EST 2005

I am, admittedly, some nine months behind in listening to airchecks, which 
is why I'm just now listening to a tape of WPLM-FM that I made during my 
Boston visit last May...but:

The WPLM-FM top-hour ID has the distinctive sound of the ships' bells and 
seagulls once heard on the late WJIB-FM. I remember when Bob was putting 
WJIB(AM) on the air that he explained that 96.9 still held the trademark on 
the bells and seagulls for some period of time after their last use there, 
which is why he never used them.

Has the WPLM bells-and-gulls been noted by others on the list? And JIBGUY, 
why didn't you jump on 'em first?!?!?

s (ding...ding...squawk...)

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