EAS Problem In CT Today

Joseph Pappalardo joepappalardo2001@yahoo.com
Thu Feb 3 01:18:20 EST 2005

Years ago, when I was in Rhode Island, the state had a very good and very
well maintained EBS system.

When there was a statewide test sent out from the Statehouse, (I believe it
started with WJAR), each station would relay/activate the EBS monitor at the
next station, etc.)

The test would conclude with a Civil Defense official making a short
announcemenet (from the Statehouse) about it being a test.

Each station picked up the audio from another station, from another station,
etc...down the line...so that no phone lines were needed.

You could tune around the dial in the state and hear everyone across the
dial running it.  If there was a station NOT running the test, it stuck out
like a sore thumb...and why they didn't run it was probed and rectified for
next time.

I had no doubt that "if there were an actual emergency" in RI, that anyone
within earshot of a radio would hear that something is going on...and in the
case of Rhode Island...the information would originate from Civil Defnse in
the Statehouse....to ALL stations.

In theory, the idea of stations relaying alerts and transmissions to each
other....without the need for phone lines, etc...is a simple and great idea.
However, it relies on having trained personell....which is typically
lacking.  And, in larger markets, I know that most staff would hesitate to
run the EBS relay and interrupt programming....and wait for some other

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