WSMN Goes dark

Dan Strassberg
Wed Feb 2 07:15:34 EST 2005

It seems to me that a few months ago I came up with 300W ND-D from the 900
site, which is several miles north of what had been WSMN's site. I'd really
have to check that figure, though. 300W might be adequate to cover Nashua
and Merrimac by day, but I imagine that, at night, WSMN might be able to get
a few tens of watts ND, which might or might not be useful. BTW, WSMN was
the cause of WUNR's having to reduce radiation to the north in its CP for 20
kW-U. If WSMN should survive and replace its DA, the new DA would have to
reduce radiation to the south to reduce overlap with WUNR--unless the FCC
were to rule that WUNR's CP takes care of that overlap. If the Oakville CT
1590 CP (or is it just an application) is surrendered, WSMN ought to be able
to slightly let out its pattern to the southwest--at least at night.
Remember, WSMN was DA-1 and its pattern was designed to provide nighttime
protection to the old 1590 in Waterbury.

Dan Strassberg,
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> At 05:57 PM 2/1/2005, you wrote:
> >   The Nashua NH Telegraph reports that WSMN (1590 Nashua) went dark at 6
> > PM last night.and apparently is for sale, but the new owners will have
> > find a new studio and transmitter location as the current WSMN studio
> > transmitter site will be bulldozed shortly to make room for new houses.
> This was coming for a long time, wasn't it?
> Dan Strassberg, how much power do you think 1590 could run ND-D from a
> single unobtrusive tower somewhere? I can't imagine that they can get a
> DA built in a year (or, likely, ever) - and the clock is now ticking
> towards the deletion of the license on 1/31/06 unless they find a way to
> get back from some sort of temporary facility before that.
> I'm about to share the news with Mrs. NERW, who looks back on WSMN as the
> station that drove her completely out of radio in the early 90s...I don't
> expect any tears to be shed :-)
> s

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