WSMN Goes dark

Scott Fybush
Tue Feb 1 23:58:48 EST 2005

At 11:16 PM 2/1/2005, rogerkirk wrote:
>Scott Fybush wrote:
> >Oh, you mean the albums with knife-marks across the tracks
> >that were too "twangy" or too "loud" to be played on the air?
>WKTQ, South Paris had an album where all the grooves had been
>removed from a particular track by shaving with a knife.
>A Paul Lynde's routine was considered "too risque" for rural
>Maine in 1964.

And with that, I give you Mrs. NERW and her comments about her last stop in 
the radio biz...

I could say "good riddance" to the hellhole I worked at, except from the 
reports I've read, the station sounded like it was actually doing something 
decent under the business format.

Scott was slightly incorrect...there were no knife-marks across the tracks, 
just notes on the CD cases saying not to play certain songs and a 
label-maker message on the console saying "don't play anything too twangy, 
use your head" -- really clear instructions, those.

And during the Maury Parent regime, he would stomp down the stairs from his 
office and yell if he didn't like a track that was being played. It could 
have been on the air the day before, but if it struck him wrong that day, 
that was it. He banned Mariah Carey (!) because he thought her singing was 
like screaming.

Since he wasn't managing the station anymore, maybe the atmosphere had a 
modicum of sanity, but it certainly didn't when I was there in 1991.

I have many more stories if anyone wants to hear...Scott said I should talk 
about "Bush is in Brazil," which would make for a very long message. Will 
share if prompted.


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