The demise of WSMN

Tue Feb 1 18:48:03 EST 2005

It is with a tear in the eye that I acknowledge the demise of WSMN.  While 
certainly not my most favorite station that I ever worked at (1972) it WAS 
the station where the owner (Al Rock) paid for me to take classes and get my 
1st Class FCC License (remember those days).

My favorite memories of WSMN were "the stick" that we had to use to hit the 
plate button on the transmitter.  Don Ayers 
(cough...cough...cough...hack..hack)  warned us all NEVER to touch the metal 
on the transmitter - "Use the wooden stick and you won't die" - made me feel 
safe when I walked out to the "sunporch" where the transmitter lived.   And 
the day that Al's daughter (Barbara Rock) made her debut as a news 
reader.....her first story was about someone who had been "in-dick-ted" by 
the grand jury  - she pronounced indicted phonetically.

Barbara Rock (and former WOTW's Jeff Kerouac) are the parents of Kristin 
Kerouac of Hometown Forecast Service (heard nationwide).

-gary f

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