Oldies format

Howard Glazer hmglaz@webtv.net
Sat Dec 31 01:40:34 EST 2005

"Good Thing" and "Mellow Yellow" have been on WDRC-FM's "safe" list for
years. I'd imagine they still get an occasional spin amid the '80s
clutter that's now on the Big Hits 102.9 playlist, but don't ask me.
I've heard one too many Mister Mister-to-Dave Clark Five segues over the
past couple of months and am strictly an XM man for my oldies now.

Here in Connecticut, I recall the local Shop Rite supermarket
(N.J.-based chain) playing the occasional "oh, wow" oldie over its sound
system a few years back, but recently it's switched to a blander, more
contemporary mix.

Hope I'm not posting this to the horse racing list ...


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