What is a bandscan?

John Francini francini@mac.com
Thu Dec 29 18:22:07 EST 2005

I'm sure there's a more or less official meaning, but I'd interpret  
it as going to the place in question and then slowly scanning through  
the FM dial from end to end, possibly with muting and AFC turned off  
(if the tuner allows it) just to see what's on the dial.

And since he found something that 'shouldn't be there', he thought it  
was reasonable to mention it on the list.


On 29 Dec 2005, at 17:52, christopher fuccione wrote:

> What is a bandscan?  Here is where I got the qoute from.  I have an  
> idea what it is but I might be wrong.
> Thanks
> Chris Fuccione
>> Was doing an FM bandscan in Palmyra Maine. Heard WMDR
>> 88.9 broadcasting religious content. There is a WMDR
>> AM licensed Augusta Maine. No record of FM station in
>> the FCC database.
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