new WTKK lineup (they keep Hannity)

David Tomm
Wed Dec 28 09:15:33 EST 2005

As long as the station airs the national spots within the show during 
the times contracted by the syndicator, most of the time they don't 
care when the program actually runs.  WTKK may have a contract to run 
Hannity's national spots anytime from 7pm-12 midnight.  The station 
could be pre-running the spots, and then airing the programming outside 
of that window.  Major market stations get a lot more flexibility with 
show/spot placement, since loss of a major market can affect the 
syndicators rate card for that program.  Some shows, such as Rush 
Limbaugh, demand live clearance in their contracts.  However,  for the 
second tier talkers like Hannity, Savage and the like, as long as the 
spots run, everyone's happy.

Dave Tomm
"Mike  Thomas"

On Dec 22, 2005, at 6:05 PM, Larry Weil wrote:

> At 05:01 PM 12/22/2005, rogerkirk wrote:
>> Or are syndies so desperate for numbers (of stations) that they don't 
>> care?
> My guess (emphasis on "guess") is that the syndicators sell 
> commercials based largely on the number of stations and by claiming 
> "nationwide coverage".

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