Speaking of DQs

Hmglaz hmglaz@webtv.net
Thu Dec 22 10:00:07 EST 2005

James M. Sloan wrote:
> The winner veered sharply coming out
> of the gate  and 

> slammed into #5 which in turn caused
> #4 Skinamarink to steady. Well #4
> claimed 
> foul against the winner and although it
> missed the place by 4 Lengths, the Stews 
> DQed the romping winner, placing it
> 4th, out of the Trifecta. "Larry Loonin's
> Complaint" is what I've dubbed this
> chart. 

I was DQ'd into the exacta in this race, so maybe I'm not exactly
objective, but this was a DQ in any jurisdiction. The six took a sharp
left out of the gate and whacked the 5 into the 4's path. Case closed.
If the 4 had gone down, or finished last, then the 6 would have been
placed last. Why would it make sense to do otherwise?

I don't know if you noticed, but the second at Laurel had the same
outcome -- winner DQ'd and placed fourth. This time, the unlucky horse
was pulled out for room at the eighth pole only to find another horse
already there. A nice equine hip check took care of that, but the stews
did the right thing and didn't let it stand.

Sometimes the rules make sense and are enforced correctly, unbelievable
as it may seem.

Howard in CT

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