102.5 to Spanish? Nahhh.....

A. Joseph Ross joe@attorneyross.com
Mon Dec 19 19:31:25 EST 2005

On 18 Dec 2005 at 15:20, Scott Fybush wrote:

> Channel 5 isn't an issue with regard to WBOS, since 82.2 is outside 
> channel 5's spectrum. (It's in channel 6.) The only potential 
> conflict that the FCC recognizes between low-band VHF and FM is 
> between channel 6 (with audio carrier at 87.75 MHz) and stations on 
> 98.5, and there's a chart of allowable spacings for such stations on the
> FCC website. (In one notable case a few years back, KUPL-FM in Portland OR
> moved from 98.5 to 98.7 to allow it to move its antenna to the same ridge
> as KOIN-TV 6.)

Now what I've been wondering about for a long time is this:  When we moved to Bedford, MA in 
May 1957 and shortly after that got a new TV set, we sometimes used to get signal, snowy but 
recognizeable, from Channel 6 in Portland, Maine.  Until WHDH-TV channel 5 came on.  We 
never could get Channel 6 after that.

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