102.5 to Spanish? Nahhh.....

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Both points made also by Scott Fybush. I suspect, though, that, were it not
for WPLM, WKLB could deliver the requisite 70 dBu (I think that's the
correct figure) to Lowell from Zion Hill in Woburn, from which we know that
an adequate signal could be delivered to Boston because WXHR did it from
there for many years with only 20 kW. I suppose that Zion Hill is farther
from Lowell than the WRKO site is from Lawrence--perhaps enough farther that
I am wrong about delivering the requisite signal to Lowell, but WLAW-FM,
operating from what are now the WRKO towers, delivered the requisite signal
to Lawrence with no more than 20 kW from a HAAT that I believe is lower than
that that WXHR used in Woburn. All of which raises the question of whether
there would be any point in trying to move WKLB to Woburn and directionalize
it to protect WPLM-FM. The directional operation would wipe out much, if not
all, of the big advantage in moving south: improved coverage of Boston.

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> >>99.5 is second-adjacent to 99.1. I think that precludes 99.5's moving
> any
> further south. The owner of WPLM-FM (daughter of the Mr Campbell who
> founded
> WPLM AM&FM and Campbell Sports Network, which at one time held of the
> Red
> Sox broadcast rights) has reportedly repeatedly refused very lucrative
> offers for WPLM-FM--and even for WPLM (AM). She apparently won't sell at
> any
> price. WPLM-FM plus WKLB would have very nice combined coverage but
> neither
> one has a competitive signal in downtown Boston.<<
> Add to that the fact that 99.5 is assigned to Lowell, meaning that it
> has to put a city-grade signal over most of that city.  The farther
> south you go from its present location, the more difficult that becomes.
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