102.5 to Spanish? Nahhh.....

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99.5 is second-adjacent to 99.1. I think that precludes 99.5's moving any
further south. The owner of WPLM-FM (daughter of the Mr Campbell who founded
WPLM AM&FM and Campbell Sports Network, which at one time held of the Red
Sox broadcast rights) has reportedly repeatedly refused very lucrative
offers for WPLM-FM--and even for WPLM (AM). She apparently won't sell at any
price. WPLM-FM plus WKLB would have very nice combined coverage but neither
one has a competitive signal in downtown Boston.

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> > Oh, very much so.  That's why 102.5 is a $100M signals and 99.5 is
> > thought to be worth much less than that --
> Why can't the operator of the 99.5 FM transmitter move it to the Pru ...
> or even John Hancock building?
> Wouldn't it make sense to have your FM stations on the highest buildings
> in the city?
> 99.5 FM is absolutely IMPOSSIBLE to listen to in Boston itself.  How do FM
> stations manage to get listeners there?  Most of them are stepping all
> over each other in the worst ways.
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