WILD 1960s Stunt

Shaun Hayes hishaun@hotmail.com
Sat Dec 17 11:20:02 EST 2005

The "Fever" stunt was great but the real howler has to be
the "theft" WILD reported a few years later during the Nelson Noble era.

Press reports explained that a large part of the WILD record library had
been stolen.  The Lynn Item ran a front page photo of Jimmy "Early" Byrd
with his hands open palms-up in a "what do I do now?" pose.
Jimmy told they Item "they took the best stuff."  Well, the "best stuff"
turned out to be their entire library of classical records.

Needless to say, listeners noticed no effect on the station's R&B format
and probably got the joke.

There are stunts and there are stunts, but clearing some unused classical
78s out of the record library and getting front-page coverage, man, that's 

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