WINS drops teletype bed

Damon Cassell
Mon Dec 12 11:14:07 EST 2005

Last week during one of his shows Stern actually spent some time
talking about the carts. Apparently WXRK is not allowing Stern to take
his carts with him to Sirius. This is also briefly mentioned on
Stern's web page. I believe Stern owns the material but not the actual
carts. Stern did mention that "nobody uses carts" any more, but that
he'd like to bulk erase them if WXRK won't let him take them -- except
WXRK has no bulk eraser. I'm assuming that Stern's people are probably
copying the carts to media that he can take with him, otherwise the
show could effectively be crippled.. he relies heavily on them.


On 12/11/05, Rod O'Connor <> wrote:

> BTW... speaking of carts...Did anybody catch on last week's 60 minutes interview with >Howard Stern there were shots of his studios and lo and behold; a whole wall full of carts...although they were red-colored..maybe a special type???  Definitely caught my eye. especially  for somebody who is so technologically advanced and going  into Satellite Radio, to be using old carts.  I didn't notice if there was  a bulk eraser in the background!

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