WINS drops teletype bed

Rod O'Connor
Sun Dec 11 15:00:09 EST 2005

Probably not...just like most under 40's don't know or remember the old CONELRAD system...640 and 1240 with the distinctive marks on the AM dial.  We could probably start yet another thread on this old subject.

BTW... speaking of carts...Did anybody catch on last week's 60 minutes interview with Howard Stern there were shots of his studios and lo and behold; a whole wall full of carts...although they were red-colored..maybe a special type???  Definitely caught my eye. especially  for somebody who is so technologically advanced and going  into Satellite Radio, to be using old carts.  I didn't notice if there was  a bulk eraser in the background!

Deja-vu back to my 70's/80's college radio, then  Armed Forces Radio days.

Rod O'Connor
Southwest Harbor, Maine

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