Speaking of news teletype sound effect

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Actually the "Stinger" I was talking about was the musical ID stinger that
came before the symphonic piece.  The news intro "symphonic music"  was
actually from the "Victory at Sea" tv series.  It was on the sountrack vinyl
albums - but is NOT on the sountrack CD's. 

-Gary Francis

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Question for all of you who remember that stinger (which was used on Group
W's other stations as well, in addition to being the stinger for RCA's old
TV ads): What was the name of it, and who recorded it?  My perception always
was that it must have come from some symphonic piece, though I didn't (and
don't) recognize it.


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> Does anyone have a thunderous teletype effect like the one WBZ used to use
> for the "First, Fast & Factual" news intro from the 60's?  I have the
> Stinger and would like to recreate the news intro but don't have a
> thunderous teletype like that one - the ones I have are the "wussy"
> background teletypes.
> -Gary Francis

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