Standard def reruns aired on HD [was Re: Todd Gross let Go??]

John Francini
Mon Dec 5 17:13:25 EST 2005

I'm sure you're jesting...  Even so, <pedant> the one has nothing to do with
the other. </pedant>

And it was indeed a conflict between British and Metric measures on two
different subsystems that caused the Mars Polar Lander to be lost. Some
details here: <>

[Another ship, the Japanese Mars Explorer NOKUMI was also lost recently, but
that was due to a different kind of flaw.]


> > 35MM motion-picture film has higher resolution (in terms of the
> equivalent
> > of pixels-per-inch) than any video format, even HD.  What they'd need to
> do
> > is re-do the telecine process with HD equipment. Even if it ends up
> being
> > shown letterboxed, it'll still be a significantly better picture than
> > standard def.
> >
> > John
> Did you know that the movies "Eight Mile" and "The Longest Yard"
> were shot in 35MM...and they say that the British measure and metric
> systems are not compatible (allegedly the reason a recent Mars Explorer
> crashed).
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