Todd Gross let Go??

Mark Watson
Sun Dec 4 10:01:45 EST 2005

R. Trovato wrote:

> I think it was (Dr.) Fred Ward.
> And my memory which, (admittedly) is less dependable these days ;-) says 
> he
> wasn't sucessful in his action.

  I thought Dr. Fred won his lawsuit, but he ended up taking a cash 
settlement from the then owners of Channel 7 instaed of his job back. Maybe 
our esteemeed historian Donna Halper may have the info in her archives of 
broadcast notes.

  And speaking of Donna Halper, I too agree with her regarding how this 
reminds us of how Bruce Schwoegler was treated at Channel 4 several years 
back. I don't personally watch a newscast because the anchors or reporters 
are youthful looking. NECN's Tom Ellis may have a few wrinkles, Channel 4's 
Jack Williams' hair has turned silver, but I'm tuning into a newscast to get 
updated on local, national and international news, wrinkles & hair color do 
not affect how Tom & Jack report the news to me. If it's cheaper to bring in 
new & younger faces, well shame on the industry for doing this at the 
expense of well known market veterans.

Mark Watson 

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