Todd Gross let Go??

R Trovato
Sun Dec 4 02:10:37 EST 2005

> NBC's weak primetime
> lineup recently and the slipping ratings of the Today show in the
> morning is what's hurting
> their news operations right now

I think if you measure "Weather Credibility" as a factor among potential
viewers, you will see that channel 5 (currently) wins that hands down.

If that is one of the reasons people choose a newscast (and it is), it is
indeed a factor in how they perform ( much of a factor is up for

> It wasn't his
> departure that caused WHDH's ratings to
> slip.  It was the reasons I mentioned above.

Gee thanks for your wonderful insight.

I didn't realize you were such a TV "insider"...

The point being that they didn't (or couldn't) match the offer's.

It also says that they don't value their on-air people as part of their
sucess strategy.

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