DTV Audio snafu

Matthew Osborne
Sat Dec 3 21:55:44 EST 2005

OK I am watching something pretty hilarious right now.
 WNYT(TV) (Albany NY), our local NBC affiliate, is
having some issues with its  DTV signal.  I am
watching the digital video signal, but for the audio
you can only hear the background noises but not the
main audio channel (people speaking, the characters in
the foreground, etc can not be heard).  Would this be
something as simple as a missing audio channel on
WNYT's end, or does this sound like a problem on the
network side of things?  Also, during the local
commercial break, while the analog signal had all the
spots and everything, the digital signal had what
appeared to be an NBC screensaver up (several
different animations of the NBC logo on a black
screen, I'm guessing just a placeholder so master
control operators know they're tuned to the right
satellite channel)

    I have to admit though, its rather interesting
watching something and having nothing but the
background noise to listen to.

Schenectady, NY

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