If Entercom gets ABC Radio...

Bob Nelson raccoonradio@gmail.com
Fri Dec 2 13:15:43 EST 2005

Radio and Records reports  that Entercom might be the winner in the
ABC Radio sweepstakes.
Radio Disney and ESPN would not be included. Is this just ABC-owned stations
or is the syndication arm involved? If so, would WRKO eventually land Hannity?
(They used to run him at 7 pm after Howie, tape delayed, but decided to go with
Savage partly because Savage was _live_; this was a couple years ago
and what with then-
current events like the D.C. snipers, the war, etc., they figured it
would be best to have a live show...Hannity briefly went to 890 when
they were talk, IIRC,
then WTKK picked him up)

According to the ABC Radio site, ABC also syndicates Larry Elder and Mark Davis
(currently not heard in Boston). They do John Batchelor, which WRKO runs,
and Paul "...good...day?" Harvey, which WBZ runs.

A list of ABC O&Os are here:

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