Bill O'Neill billo@shoreham.net
Tue Aug 30 23:20:12 EDT 2005

As anticipated, WXAL (93.7 Addison) flipped to bird-fed classic country. 
It's not the same product as the one on sister station WVAA (1390 
Burlington), the signal that is expected to go Radio America.  The 
morning seemed like a jockless roll of music, not very tight so I assume 
it's a temporary fix until AM drive is worked out (but you never know 
now in the world of Frank, Jack, Henry, Ralph, Engelbert....

The classic country format does make sense given that much of 93.7's 
signal still serves (very) rural Addison County, NY's Essex Cty., and 
even Rutland County to the south, likely aiming at a friendlier demo for 
the format than a city of colleges.  Hall Radio's WOKO (98.9 Burlington) 
being so community oriented and very much live and local (remotes, 
causes, high profile) will not have much to worry about unless 93.7 
really digs in. Phoning it in or bird will keep the meters moving and 
open up a place for some inventory and that may well be enough.  Will 
keep an ear on it.

Bill O'Neill

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