Vacuum tubes

Sun Aug 28 21:58:57 EDT 2005

Stephanie Weil wrote:

>There is good sounding tube audio equipment and there is bad 
>sounding tube audio equipment.
>There is good sounding solid-state gear adn then there is bad 
>sounding solid-state gear.
>I have some solid-state hi-fidelity transistor tabletop sets 
>that sound very nice.  I have others that sound OK...and still 
>others that sound horrendous.
>Ditto their tube cousins.  It all depends on the design of the item and
>the quality of some of the components that are used.

Let us not forget the Jean Shepard quote about the radio on 
the refrigerator at home:

"...the 5-tube radio with the built-in hum"

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