Jess Cain ...

Donna Halper
Sun Aug 28 21:47:36 EDT 2005

At 08:49 PM 8/28/2005 -0400, radiotony wrote:
>I worked with Jess' son Chris at Copy Cop in downtown Boston and he was a
>total jerk.

Alas, not everyone with famous parents manages to survive the experience 
unscathed.  Some kids of famous parents end up trying to act like they are 
really important, or they over-compensate for the famous mom or dad never 
being there for them when they were growing up.  Then, there are others who 
avoid the limelight or act like just average, normal people.  It's a truism 
that fame affects people differently-- for example, I can name you some 
rock groups I worked with when I was on the air who were totally down to 
earth and not conceited at all; and then there were those who acted like 
even talking to you was doing you SUCH a favour and you oughta be 
grateful.  We've also seen people on TV who seem so wonderful and warm and 
loving, and then you meet them in person and they are rude, nasty and 
insolent.  I am told on very good authority that Jerry Lewis, charitable 
and compassionate person that he is every year on the telethon, hates 
journalists and is a very moody guy besides.  Now, whether you think 
journalists are wonderful or whether you think they are scum, they are 
still just trying to do their job, but some performers can't help but be 
nasty to them.  And then the camera or the mike is on, and that same person 
is just sooooo sweet.  Go figure...   

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